Welcome to GeoWebCache version 1.20.0, build 1.20.x/d7c7f26f15eca11d49f4d1fca579f123fde69741

GeoWebCache is an advanced tile cache for WMS servers.It supports a large variety of protocols and formats, including WMS-C, WMTS, KML, Google Maps and Virtual Earth.

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Runtime Statistics

Started:Fri, 12 Aug 2022 05:24:46 GMT (9 hours)
Total number of requests:0 (0/s )
Total number of untiled WMS requests:0 (0/s )
Total number of bytes:0 (0.0 bps)
Cache hit ratio:No data
Blank/KML/HTML:No data
Peak request rate:No data
Peak bandwidth:No data
3 seconds00.0 /s00.0 bps
15 seconds00.0 /s00.0 bps
60 seconds00.0 /s00.0 bps
All figures are 3 second(s) delayed and do not include HTTP overhead
The cache hit ratio does not account for metatiling

Storage Locations

Config file:gwc/geowebcache.xml
Local Storage:/mnt/geoserver/data/gwc